Starting in 2012, I have run summer camps for kids out of my backyard. The camps started with neighborhood kids and grew to be larger and host kids we did not know previously. My co-leader, Marisa, and I have had a total of around 175 kids attend our camps.

A few years ago, we specialized the camps. The past few years we have hosted a Nature, Arts, and Games Camp for younger kids. This camp focused on encouraging cooperative and creative play as well as spending time in nature. We also hosted a Girl Power Camp for late elementary and early middle school girls. In this camp, we gave the girls a safe space to learn about their changing bodies and lives as they grow up. We served as a helpful older person for the girls to ask questions they were nervous to discuss with their parents or adults. We also helped them to solve conflict positively and create lasting friendships.

In the past few years, we have been featured in the news media a few times.

The Columbus Dispatch – Columbus Teens Operate Summer Day Camp for Other Girls

The Columbus Booster – Students’ Camp Helps Girls Work Through Tough Time

 NBC4i – Local Teens’ Girl Empowerment Camp Aims to Put an End to Bullying